Getting to know the profound history of Xela

Quetzaltenango is one of those cities that can bring you endless entertainment. A lot of people come here to live, work or study Spanish. As a young intern in Guatemala, I couldn’t help but feel happy that I ended up in this impressive city. The endless list of recommendations that locals and tourists throw at me, prove that getting to know everything there is to offer here is incredibly difficult and will surely take you a while.

After participating in a lovely trek to Laguna Chicabal, I didn’t do a lot more. I was happy to participate in a cultural walking tour along the most impressive sights in the city. I enjoyed it, mainly because of the excellent guide Liliana. She explained the history of Xela with lots of details, without making it boring. We passed by the Parque Central, got to know the history of most of the buildings and continued on via the National Theatre to the 3rd zone of the city.

What I loved was the liveliness of places like the Democracy Market and the Benito Juarez Park where a collection of chicken buses were standing, ready to depart on a wild ride. Many locals where living their lives and were offering products at excellent prices. The Saint-Nicholas church, located at the Benito Juarez-park was one of those buildings that I really liked. It was built in British style, a copy of a similar church located in England.

After three and a half hours of walking, the guide and ourselves arrived back at Pasaje Enriquez, which was also the starting point of our tour. We had seen a lot. Churches, hospitals, universities, parks and markets where only a few of the things our eyes met. They all had a great story behind it.

To book a walking tour with one of our certified guides, visit the office of Adrenalina Tours in Pasaje Enriquez or call (502) 7932-5857. Tours cost $25/person with Spanish-speaking guide (min. 2 persons to start the tour). An English-speaking guide costs $10/group extra. If you are with a lot of people, ask for a group discount.

logo adrenalina tours guatemala


13 av. Y 4ta Calle. Interior del Pasaje Enriquez, Zona 1 Phone : (502) 7932-5857 7761-4509

Antigua Guatemala


Calle Santander 4-78 Zona 2 Phone: (502)7762-6236


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