Fuentes Georginas: the story

The region of Quetzaltenango is a hot place during the day and a cold place during the night and morning. We are sure that the wish to live with the nature, the feeling of walking between the clouds and a relaxing bath in the hot springs, will make you wish to get to know the Fuentes Georginas.

The spa has seven hot spring pools, five in the part above and also two which not a lot of people know. They are found in the “ecological trail”. The trail starts at the parking area. Behind the bungalows, you can find a staircase. The trail has two deviations: the left one goes down to the pools and the one to the right will bring you to a place that is known as “The Cave”, it is a place where the inhabitants of Xela practice the Maya religion and realize ceremonies and prayers.

A lot of people attribute medical powers to the Fuentes Georginas. I have personally seen how people arrive at the cliff, collect the water at the source and save it in plastic bottles. Afterwards, they drink a bit of it and take some to their homes. (their grandparents have recommended it). Others take advantage to exfoliate their skin or to do hydrotherapy. A close friend once said that he went there and used the water as an alternative medicine.

The hot springs have 9 bungalows that can be hired to spend the night. They are equiped with a private bathroom, 2 king-size beds, a little pool where two persons can relax with hot springs water within the bungalow, chimney and firewood to warm yourself in the cold night. There is no television and the elecricity is cut short at 9 pm.

The climate is cold, because you will be at a considerable altitude, more than 2500 meters above sea-level. We advise you to take anough layers of clothing. These weather conditions favor  gigantic ferns and conifers and you will be able to appreciate one of the most beautiful species of Guatemala, the famous tree of Pinabete which is decorited at Christmas and has a very pleasant smell.

At Fuentes Georginas, there is a restaurant and a bar that offer three types of food. Additionaly, you will find barbecues, showers, clothing rooms, sanitary, a little souvenir shop and a place where you can find bathing equipment to use the pools.

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