Viewing the highly active Santiaguito volcano

These weeks, the Santiaguito volcano has been erupting with lots of force. Smoke from the volcano is often visible from far away and a great way to see it, is going to the viewpoint halfway up the Santa Maria Volcano.

It’s an easy hike, accessible for all ages and a perfect choice for families. The inclination is not much and the the uphill part is only about 1 hour long. It’s a hike everyone can manage on his own pace and the rewarding view of often explosive eruptions is worth every minute of it.

When going to the mirador, you are basically taking the same way the hikers to Santa Maria take. It’s only after arriving at the middle, that you go around the latter volcano and step on a fairly plain stretch towards the viewpoint which is maintained better than the summit of Santa Maria. Because it’s a private stretch of land, garbage gets no chance.

Tours to the viewpoint generally start at 05:00am from the hotel or house you are staying in. That way, you will be going up when the sun is still rising and you are almost guaranteed of actually having a clear view.

To see the volcano, Adrenalina Tours offers tours every day with a minimum of 2 persons. For more information, click here.

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