Calle Santander: the hotspot of Panajachel

If you stay in Panajachel, you’ll soon find that Calle Santander is the real place to be. The street is filled with restaurants waiting for you to taste their variety of meals. It’s also partly a shopping street, with lots of handicrafts and other curiosities. Even Wi-Fi is now provided!

Panajachel is a popular destination. It’s the most visited town by the lake and an important hub for travels around the lake. There’s a lot of life in the town and there are many transport options to go there, there are daily shuttles from big cities like Antigua and Quetzaltenango.

One of the restaurants on Santander that might interest you is Sunset café. They offer delicious international and Mexican meals. Their decoration is very exotic and you can enjoy your meal watching the magnificent Lake Atitlan.

Do you want to find internet in the lively street? Grupo Maya Net and Grow Your Own Cure have created a Wi-Fi hotspot that extends over the whole length of the Calle Santander. Restaurants don’t allow non-consumers to use their Wi-Fi and generally change their passwords regularly to avoid overuse of the service. That’s why they have created the quality network that for a slight cost can be used.

When you have walked to the lake from Calle Santander, your eyes will meet with two volcanoes right at the other side. Take enough pictures and certainly don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the breeze. Lake Atitlan is a natural wonder that one shouldn’t miss on his travels in Guatemala.

Adrenalina Tours has an office in Panajachel on Calle Santander from where you can start the best tours. Don’t forget to hop by!

logo adrenalina tours guatemala


13 av. Y 4ta Calle. Interior del Pasaje Enriquez, Zona 1 Phone : (502) 7932-5857 7761-4509

Antigua Guatemala


Calle Santander 4-78 Zona 2 Phone: (502)7762-6236



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