Experiencing a breathtaking sunrise on the roof of Central America?

Sunday morning April 9th, 6 a.m. Why waking up this early? Good news, we would finally hike up Volcán Tajumulco. A two day adventure to the highest peak of Guatemala and Central America. I was so ready for this!

Backpack? Check! Water? Check! Nice people? Check! Camera? Dubble check! Except Tajumulco, because we had to drive 2 hours to the foot of the volcano in an overheated and over-stuffed chicken bus. Although, rides like this are always an incredible experience.

Going up Tajumulco is not easy. The hike itself is okay, but if you’re camping at 4,000 meters you need good equipment. So with our stuffed backpacks we climbed up the volcano. It was so nice to go up Tajumulco, that day. A beautiful hike in pure nature, fantastic weather and every time you turn around, you have an unbelievable view on the surrounding communities.

I remember I was already satisfied reaching basecamp at 4,000 meters. We even had a fantastic welcome gift, considering the sunset was beautiful. Cooking and sleeping at this height would be an adventure at the next level as well. Especially because it was so chilly up there. We had diner at the camp fire, had a beer and went straight to the tents to sleep a few hours.

At 4 a.m. we woke up and headed for the last part, before arriving. Every step up to the 4,220-metre-high peak was completely worth it for the wonderful sight that greets you at the top! Another sunrise, another beautiful beginning of the day. As soon as the moon is gone, the beauty at the roof of Central America is breathtaking. Once we reached the top, it made the hike up there all worthwhile.

Convinced to hike up Volcán Tajumulco? Adrenalina Tours offers tours every day with a minimum of 2 persons. For more information, click here.

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