Tasting the delicious coffee of San Juan La Laguna

Guatemalan coffee is of the nicest in the world. San Juan La Laguna, next to the town of San Pedro La Laguna, is a perfect place to visit a coffee plantation. The coffee beans are picked from a large coffee plantation in the west part of the city.  It’s a cooperation led by several local families who are benefitting from the export of their coffee.

Every family participating in the project has a little piece of the plantation. They bring in their harvest every day, weigh it and receive some money for this. This is to assure that the coffee plantation benefits everyone who is putting hard work in. The benefits are mostly used to sustain there families and send the children to school.

There is a little bar which serves the local coffee, but most of the coffee goes straight on a truck, ready to depart to the United States. There they are roasted and made ready for consumption. Coffee production is the biggest cash-cow for the little town, followed by tourism. The invitation of tourists to the co-op combines these two economical benefits. It is used to sustain the profit, even in the months the coffee isn’t growing.

Our visit through this big plantation was led by a local woman who knew everything about the process of making coffee. She explained everything in detail and led us through the plantation which looks like a forest because of the trees that are used to create the necessary shade. At the end of the tour, we were given a complimentary cup of delicious locally picked and roasted coffee. A real treat for the tongue.

Do you want to enjoy this tour? Contact us to arrange a tour to the coffee plantation. We can also arrange transport. Prices start from 10$ p.p. (75 Q.) and there is no minimum required. Contact us for reservations or more information for tours to San Juan La Laguna. You can come to one of our offices in Quetzaltenango, Panajachel or Antigua. 

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